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Chile 1980




Leather art


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Francia 1991



Plaster/resin cast



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Hello !

Thank you for checking our website. We've been getting a few emails requesting background and more technical information so here's a little bit more about us:

We are Rodi and Ilann, a French-Chilean couple who met in Madrid, Spain. While we'd both been working on a variety of artistic projects on our own (travel photography, painting, sculptures, arts installation and stage props...) we've only just started collaborating this year. This is our first website and primary form of contact with the public – at least until our official retail and online stores come to life.

At the moment, we are pretty set on the skulls project - and we have also been working on a wider furniture and home deco range. We're currently in the process of finishing a "shaka" wood lamp, an american chopper fixie, etc..

As artists, we find inspiration in our traveling experience and sensibility towards other cultures. We do try to make everything from scratch, therefore getting back to the roots of true craftsmanship. Overall, we aim to stay as minimalist and down-to-earth as possible, and we privilege 'green' materials gathered around markets and trips to the country side, all assembled in our little 3x4m2 studio in Madrid.

Should you need any more information about us and our creations,

please do not hesitate to get in touch by shooting us an email.


Ilann & Rod